Smart / Intelligent Buildings

What is a Smart Building?

A building can be termed smart (also known as an intelligent building) if it is electronically enhanced, providing an integration of the following operation systems:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Security & Life safety Systems
  • IT & Telecommunications Systems
  • Workplace Automation

The ultimate dream in the design of Smart Building Systems is to integrate all four operating areas into one single computerized system.

All In One Smart Building Solutions

Ideally, all the hardware and software should be furnished by a single supplier who uses compatible equipment, common CPUs and trunk wiring.  Such integration is far from being realized.  Presently, however, there are several manufacturers capable of supplying the technology for all four categories mentioned all as part of a single contract.

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Advantages of a Smart Building

  • A Smart Building is energy efficient
  • A Smart Building is cost efficient
  • A Smart Building is easier to manage
  • Security levels are much more effective and reliable
  • Buildings described as Smart / Intelligent are more in demand

Smart Building Solutions

Increase your property's performance & profits.