High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) / WiFi

3 Areas of High Speed Internet Access Deployment

Connection to Guest Rooms - Network Infrastructure
Wired and Wireless signal coverage for guest rooms, meeting rooms, lobby, restaurants within the hotels are provided via a variety of cable infrastructure networks (when wired) such as CAT5, CAT6. WiFi Access Points are then positioned and installed and connected to a Controller (Server).

System Management
• The system management allows status of Internet line, equipment, bandwidth utilization, user information such as IP address, MAC address, room no., upload and download speed, upload and download data transmitted size to be monitored in real time. The system also allows the control of users data upload and download speed.
• Appropriate security is put in place for data security and filters users and devices with abnormal behaviour (e.g. virus affected computers, spreading spam, etc.)

Connection to Internet
The servers installed at the hotels are connected to the hotel Internet broadband lines giving guests access to log on to the Internet via passwords.

Frequently Asked Questons

How do I access the high-speed Internet?
For wireless connection you need a laptop (Notebook) computer with a Wi-Fi-compliant (IEEE 802.11b) wireless Ethernet network interface card and a Web browser . For wired connection you need a laptop computer with a wired Ethernet network interface card, corresponding cable(s) and a Web browser.

Why an IP address is required?
An IP address is an Internet Protocol address, just like a mailing address for the Internet. Internet traffic flows from one IP address through to another, each specifying a particular computer and its location on the Internet. If you do not have an IP address you will not be able to connect to the Internet.

How can I obtain an IP address?
Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) allocate IP addresses once you subscribe to their service. Since most computers today are configured to request an IP from a DHCP server, this allows you to experience high-speed Internet connectivity without making any configuration changes on your PC. If, however, your computer is configured with a static/fixed IP address, ISP’s can provide you with the software that allows your computer to connect to the Internet without any configuration changes.

Do you provide a firewall on the guest LAN?
Yes firewall is an integral part of the hotel Welcome Page. This controls who has access to the Internet service.

I cannot access the Internet while others can?
The Ethernet network interface card on your computer may not be the right one or faulty. You can borrow an Ethernet adapter from the hotel and connect to your computer. Also disable the previous card connection.

My Internet connection signal is very week?
Check whether you are receiving any other network from the neighbourhood. If so make sure you are connected to the hotel Internet.

Is there a need to configure settings on users’ laptops?
For corporate email usage, users are not required to modify any configurations once the settings within users' laptop have been configured for global use.

Can users connect to their companies' VPN (Virtual Private Network) via the hotel?
Yes. High Speed Internet is normally provided by hotels and usually they make sure that their Hotel Internet Service supports all major VPNs.

Is Dvise network secure?
Dvise Telecom Solutions has taken considerable measures for protection and security within the deployed network for Internet access, using various protection methods. However, the Internet is a public network and would be inherently insecure. Users should therefore ensure that they have taken adequate measures to secure data transfers through the Internet, either by use of corporate VPNs or third party encryption tools.

High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) / WiFi

Secure communications access for your guests & business.