Without changing your Phone System or Phones, you not only can save long distance/intermational call charges but also can generate sizeable revenue every month.

We help you reduce incoming trunk lines, negotiate reduced flat rate long distance pricing, and maintain your existing analog guestroom telephones and PBX switch infrastructure without modification. The VoIP Gateway leverages your existing PBX infrastructure and phones to deliver immediate savings on your current telecom expenses. It helps provide you with alternate optional long distance low cost calling route for phone users.


The Gateway is hooked to your phone system spare Trunk Ports (PBX side) but shall not use your Outside Trunk Lines. It is connected to the existing High Speed Internet via existing router & customer Main Distribution Frame (Punch Down Block). Your phone (PBX) technician will optionally program a separate route – called LOW COST ROUTE, by dialing a suitable digit other than 9 (say 8). When the guest dials this digit for Outbound Long Distance Call he/she is routed through the Gateway. Dialing out Local Calls through this route, however, is to be restricted. But if the guest dials 9, he/she is routed to your Service Provider regular PSTN network with normal charges for Long Distance calls as stipulated by the hotel management. Dialing 9 route is used for primarily dialing Local Calls.

Option 1: Long Distance call charges on flat rate basis.

Option 2:  We can offer you country by country rate plan. You can add your mark up and feed into the Call Accounting system the same way as it is working now. The difference being that these rates will be used by your computer when the guest dials “8” for outside calls. The current rate plan in your call accounting system is based on Dial “9” sequence.


Dvise Telecom Solutions is a value added reseller, international distributor and solution provider in voice, data and video communication areas.  We also service overseas market particularly in the Middle East. Leveraging our team's combined experience of several decades we thrive on our knowledge and skills that offer our customers "A Service With A Difference".

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