Intelligent Buildings

A building can be termed intelligent or smart if it is an electronically enhanced building and can provide an integration of the following systems operation:
- Energy efficiency
- Security & Life safety systems
- IT & Telecommunications systems
- Workplace automation
The ultimate dream in the design of intelligent building systems is to integrate the four operating areas into one single computerized system. All the hardware and software would be furnished by a single supplier who would use compatible equipment and common CPUs and trunk wiring. Such integration is far from being realized; however, several manufacturers are presently capable of supplying all four categories mentioned, all as part of a single contract. The advantages of an intelligent building being:
- An intelligent building can be of course energy efficient
- Such a building is easier to manage
- Security level is much more effective and reliable
- An intelligent building is cost efficient
- A building described as intelligent is more in demand

If you are working on an Intelligent / Smart building project,

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