Guests in a hotel like to feel relaxed and free from stresses of making sure that the things are in place doors are closed. Therefore hotel management wants to make sure that their guests are getting what they pay for! Security cameras are required in hotels for monitoring particularly the main entrances of the hotel, elevator areas, lobby areas and staircases since it is difficult to identify everybody entering the hotel. Security cameras, therefore, enable the staff to keep an eye on hotel strategic areas for suspicious people.
The security system consists of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), 8-port, 16-port or more, and a choice of indoor and outdoor cameras.

The premises may be monitored remotely particularly when the owner or manager of the property is awy from the premises. This remote monitoring also offers advantages for an area manager with responsibility for a number of sites and the ability to monitor daily operations. Systems can be managed, alarms can be received, and surveillance footage viewed.

Dvise Telecom Solutions is a value added reseller, international distributor and solution provider in voice, data and video communication areas.  We also service overseas market particularly in the Middle East. Leveraging our team's combined experience of several decades we thrive on our knowledge and skills that offer our customers "A Service With A Difference".

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