Points to note while using VoIP Gateway for Long Distance Calling


  • Dial “9” is your regular dial out network as per usual rates.
  • Dial “8” or whatever digit programmed, is your optional LOW COST dial out network only for LONG DISTANCE CALLS!!
  • “911” is accessible via dial “9” network!
  • Toll Free numbers starting with 1-800, 888 etc. are not considered Long Distance, therefore, dial these numbers through regular dial “9” network.
  • If at any time you experience no response or bad circuit after dialing the complete long distance number, hang up and try again! This may happen for some International calls in which case the land line circuit link at the receiving end could be noisy or bad quality.
  • In case the called party is busy you will receive a busy tone or delayed busy tone or none depending on the network. Call again!
  • Make sure not to add time gaps between digits when dialing a particular phone number.
  • Sometimes, after dialing international number, it may take a little bit more time than usual before it connects to the called party. Therefore have a little patience.

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